PVUMC Programs and Ministries

PVUMC has nearly 20 active programs and ministries that give our members countless opportunities to put God’s love into action on a daily basis.

Journeys Small Groups at PVUMC

PVUMC offers a variety of opportunities, classes, and experiences for adults looking to grow in their faith journey.

Music and Fine Arts at PVUMC

Our robust music and fine arts program features child, youth, adult and hand bell choirs.

God’s Love in Action

Programs and Ministries at PVUMC

Adult Learning

Grow spiritually with targeted Bible or book studies, find a small group for prayer and support, and explore our Journeys program.

Caring Ministries

Care for the physical and spiritual needs of others through prayer and service, and find comfort from BFFs, Stephen Ministers, grief support, and more.

Children & Families

Join our community of families, who come in all shapes and sizes, and where children of all ages grow and thrive through PVUMC’s guidance and God’s love.

Church & Society

Create a better community by identifying and addressing common social justice issues, and work together to educate and influence change for the greater good.

Community Events

Gather with friends and family at our monthly community events such as the feast, On the First Tuesday, and Saguaros.

Fellowship & Connectional

Connect with others in the church and in the community. PVUMC provides many opportunities to create a community that supports our faith and each other.


Demonstrate God’s love in action through local, state, national and international mission projects. PVUMC partners with many local nonprofits and missions here and around the world.

Music & Fine Arts

Celebrate faith through music and the arts at PVUMC. We offer choirs for all ages, as well as a bell program. Drama, liturgy, and set design offer other opportunities to express our faith in the arts.

New Members

Find out what it means to be a member of PVUMC. We offer a new member program designed to familiarize you with the church, and the people who call PVUMC home.


Care for the needs of young children and families through our faith-based, nationally accredited preschool.

Transformational Living

Deepen your faith by connecting with God through heart, mind and body, and feel God in your very soul.


Volunteers serve an important role at PVUMC, and work side by side with our clergy and staff.


Feel welcome at PVUMC, where we practice extravagant hospitality.

Young Adults

Engage with other young adults and grow your faith by hanging out together, asking questions and digging into what it means to be a young adult and a Christian.


Discover and develop a lifelong Christian faith in community with other youth. Students in junior high through high school meet weekly and develop bonds that last a lifetime.

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