Best Friends in Faith (BFFs)

Best Friends in Faith (BFFs) is a ministry program that cares for homebound members and friends of the church. We have several PVUMC members who are homebound and unable to attend church, and it’s easy for them to feel isolated, alone and abandoned by the church. They have given many years of dedication to the church, and it’s essential this group remain incorporated into the body of Christ. That’s why we started the BFF program.


Team members receive eight hours of initial training on making a caring visit, active listening, confidentiality, and prayer. BFFs will be assigned a homebound member(s) to meet with monthly. Meetings will consist of bringing friendship and caring conversation, discussing the current bulletin and Looking Ahead, assessing current spiritual and emotional needs, providing communion, and prayer. BFFs attend monthly meetings for the first six months and then bi-monthly thereafter. The meetings include continuing education and problem-solving. BFFs will initially be trained, assigned and supervised. Contact Caring Ministries for more information.

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