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Created by God

Helping Children Understand Sexuality in a Christian Light

Created by God is a special sexuality workshop sponsored by the church and presented by qualified leaders every two years, on even numbered years, for 5th and 6th graders and their parents. Created by God presents the role of sexuality in Christian life with the objectives of helping children:

  • Understand themselves as persons of worth who are creations of God who have the special quality of being male or female;
  • Grow in understanding and appreciating themselves as sexual human beings;
  • Work toward understanding that puberty and physical changes are God’s plan for their growth and development;
  • Learn more about the human body and reproduction to better understand themselves as sexual persons;
  • Be able to ask questions about conception, pregnancy and birth;
  • Learn accurate information about their bodies;
  • Have the opportunity to reflect on the love and care that surrounds them, to voice their dreams for themselves, and to become more comfortable with the vocabulary of human sexuality.

Objectives for Parents:

  • Define their own sexual knowledge and help them learn the best way to communicate with their children.
  • Explore Christian meanings of masculinity and femininity in place of stereotyping.
  • Help their children make ethical decisions.

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