Church…Boring? Never in FaithQuakes!

FaithQuakes is a dynamic worship and learning experience for 4th – 6th graders that incorporates drama, music, humor and games. Ask a child, “Have you ever been bored in church or Sunday School?” and they will likely say “Yes,” but not at FaithQuakes! Vibrant interactive worship and religious learning is presented in an entertaining and relatable way for pre-teens. You’ll never have to drag your child to church again.

Children are invited to participate in fun events like twice yearly lock-ins, which include exciting activities like rock climbing, as well as opportunities to make connections to God’s truths – all while having a blast.

TGIFF “Thank God It’s FaithQuakes Friday” is offered one Friday a month, to build community and relationships in FaithQuakes. Check the church events page to see when the next event will be and Sign up for our weekly email to learn more.

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