Nurturing the Hearts and Souls of our Children

At PVUMC, our Sunday School focuses on building relationships and uses social interaction as a tool to build faith in our preschool and early elementary aged students. Cognitive learning of the Bible increases as a child grows, and he or she becomes more able to understand Bible teachings at a deeper level. We believe in feeding the hearts and souls of our youngest students with love so that they can develop a lifelong enjoyment of the Christian faith.

Preschool & Elementary Sunday School

Our Sunday School curriculum for preschool and elementary children focuses on teaching Bible stories, explaining those stories in a manner that is relatable to the child and reinforcing what God is telling us in the story. We believe that people young and old have a relationship with God, whether they are yet aware of it or not. Our goal at PVUMC is to nurture a child’s innate ability to understand God and form a relationship with Jesus in a community that is alive with the Holy Spirit.

The objectives of our Sunday School are to:

  • Provide a relaxed, purposeful and happy Christian environment
  • Enable children to experience faith in a caring, loving and nurturing environment
  • Communicate to children that God loves them and has created their world
  • Help children know that they are special and important to the church
  • Enable children to learn through perceptual means, using all of the senses
  • Begin the process of self-discipline, patience and the pleasure of sharing
  • Involve parents in their children’s spiritual growth


We encourage you to come meet our dedicated Sunday School teachers. If you would like to become a Sunday School teacher yourself, please contact contact the Director of Children’s Ministry or the Associate Pastor for Spiritual Formation of Children and Families. Please join us in helping your child grow in God’s love.

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