Sunday School Sign In & Out Guidelines and Tips for Parents

Parents, we encourage you to help your children feel comfortable in their Sunday school class(es) by talking with them ahead of time about what to expect. Help them look forward to a joyful time of meeting new friends, having time to play, participating in activities, and having a snack. Our teachers will greet you with a smile, and welcome you and your child(ren), while encouraging others in the class to be inclusive. You are welcome to visit the class anytime with your children, and encourage open communication.

  • Please sign in your children at both drop-off and pick-up.
  • If your child is going to Mini-Singers or Children’s Choir, please note that on the sign- in sheet, and plan to pick up your child and sign them out from the music teachers.
  • Please stay home with sick children until they are no longer contagious to others.

What PVUMC Does to Keep Your Child Safe

Keeping your children safe and healthy at home, at church and at school is a job that requires constant vigilance on the part of all adults. Staff and volunteers must agree to follow specific safety guidelines by filling out and signing safety forms before working with children and youth. As a further safety measure, all staff are registered with the Arizona Department of Safety and carry fingerprint clearance cards.

Safe Sanctuary Policy

PVUMC has a Safe Sanctuary policy and follows the United Methodist district guidelines for Safe Sanctuary, which state: “The United Methodist Church’s mandate is to remember that our churches are holy places of sanctuary for the children of God. Our churches must continue to be places where people of all ages can come together for worship, study, and service, with the assurance they are safe and secure in the community of faith.” — Safe Sanctuaries by Joy Thornburg Melton. We use this policy to safeguard minors and the defenseless while in our care. You will notice guidelines that include volunteer applications, background checks, facility requirements, and action guidelines among other necessary risk reduction measures.

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