Thrive 34

Church…Boring? Never in Thrive 34!

Thrive 34 is a group for 3rd-4th graders. Ask a child, “Have you ever been bored in church or Sunday School?” and they will likely say “Yes,” but not at Thrive 34! We’re all about igniting faith, transforming lives and creating community at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, and at Thrive 34, students have fun getting to know each other through fun experiences like lock-ins (overnights), laser tag and games designed for this age group. You’ll never have to drag your child to church again.

Through all the excitement, we hope to impart some truths about God, themselves and their relationships in the community of faith with each other. Check the church calendar to see what’s happening each month and mark YOUR calendars to join Thrive 34!

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