Way of the Child/Godly Play

Connecting Children to God

Way of the Child and Godly Play recognize children have a connection with God. United Methodists call that “prevenient grace.” Young children do not have the religious language to express and reflect on their life. Way of the Child and Godly Play teaches children how to express themselves religiously through their experiences.

In a culture that encourages putting the individual good above the good of the community we don’t often think to teach our children how to cope in a sometimes self-centered world. The coping tools we teach in Way of the Child and Godly Play give children the ability to see the world with a spiritual mind and to grow in a personal relationship with God through prayer and spiritual discipline.

The key teachings of Way of the Child and Godly Play are:

  • How to pray
  • How listening to God is an important part of prayer
  • How to experience the wonder and awe in our world
  • To learn Bible stories about God in which the child can relate to the story as their own
  • Respect for self and others
  • Creativity in talking and listening to God
  • Teach that each person has a relationship with God
  • Teach children how to see God in everyday life
  • How to find inner peace and quiet in a busy world

Religious learning is about transformation, about opening hearts as well as minds. Way of the Child and Godly Play help bring that transformation about. Way of the Child and Godly Play will teach your children spiritual disciplines that they will carry with them their entire lives.

Note: Way of the Child is the curriculum taught in 2nd grade during the 9:30 a.m. Sunday School and Godly Play is the multi-age Sunday School curriculum offered at 11:00 a.m. for children ages Kindergarten through 6th grade, August through May.

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