The Labyrinth


The Labyrinth at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church is a Classical Seven Circuit Labyrinth and was first built in 2009 as a Girl Scout project by one of our youth, Sally Wilder. With assistance from a dedicated crew of volunteers, Sally designed and built the labyrinth, which is on the southeast portion of the campus. The site is in a secondary wash and is open to the public year round. Dedicated volunteers have continued to work on the labyrinth, grooming it so that walkers find it calming to the body and soul. An Eagle Scout with Boy Scout Troop #30 took on a project to create an entrance to the Labyrinth, which he finished on April 28, 2014. While our labyrinth is a new addition to our campus, the tradition of labyrinths goes back thousands of years in cultures found round the world. The concept is simple—walk the path of the labyrinth as you contemplate whatever God puts before you. Visitors are invited to walk the labyrinth alone or with others—sometimes couples or families find that the quiet, focused walk is helpful to sorting out confusing issues as well as simply finding a calm place of joy in a busy workweek.

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