Open Table


The Triumph of Relationship Over Poverty

The Open Table is an active ministry which was founded at PVUMC through a unity of adults and youth, professionals and students to focus on helping hungry and homeless persons in downtown Phoenix to return to wholeness. Now, it’s a national organization, with the goal of becoming international. In the past few years, PVUMC has been working with young adults who have recently aged out of the foster care system as well as with struggling young adults and homeless veterans. Read more on our blog.

The Vision

A movement of servants restoring people in poverty to our communities through relationship and the investment of our own vocational and life experiences and personal networks.

The Mission

Train congregations and their members, through the Open Table Model, to partner their vocational and life experiences with people in poverty to develop and implement plans that create sustainability and wholeness.

The Movement

A collaboration of faith communities, governments, business and non-profits working through Open Table, a shared-purpose model, to transform poverty to sustainability and wholeness.

The Community

The Open Table process is the catalyst for the deployment of a Missional Community committed to the transformation of a family or individual in poverty. However, the servants themselves are often the most transformed. When the Open Table process is complete, these Missional Communities, having brought each other through the wilderness of poverty, where they collided with society’s false beliefs about the poor, become a new community in which the family or individual they helped is now unrecognizable from those who did the helping. In many instances, individuals helped in Open Table return as servants helping the next family.

PVUMC serves as one of the leaders in The Open Table movement. We are always seeking those who wish to serve on a table. Contact our Open Table and Lay Leader, Kent Heltne,  to serve on a table and sign up for training. Or email Pastor Brenda for more information about how to get involved in this ministry.

Visit The Open Table to watch videos and learn more about this growing ministry that transforms lives.

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