Walk the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth at PVUMC is a classical seven-circuit labyrinth.

Visit Our Biblical Garden

The Biblical Garden is a sacred place of healing and beauty that honors the presence and grace of our Lord.

God’s Love in Action

Welcome to Transformational Living Ministries!

Transformational Living Ministries provide opportunities for people to deepen their faith by connecting with God through heart, mind and body. The work is Wesleyan in nature, meaning that we honor the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, by approaching life and all God’s people with a spirit of inclusion. For more information contact Rev. Andrea Andress at the church office.

PRAYER forms the heart of our relationship with God. More than asking, more than receiving, it is being in God’s Presence. We provide opportunities for people to learn to listen to their own heart and to God’s interaction with them. Methods of prayer include those of Intention and Attention.

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