Building A Greener Church

Earth Care is an initiative of PVUMC to model environmental sustainability in churches. We recognize our call as Christians to be stewards of God’s creation. And we resolve to provide opportunities for Christians to experience God through nature with a deeper reverence for what He has given us.

Earth Care, currently in its start-up phase, is not just about sustainable churches. It will provide opportunities for PVUMC members and our neighbors to become better educated about how to protect our natural world. We will offer speaker series, book studies and a range of special projects to engage families and community members of all ages.

Multiple project-oriented groups, permanent and short-term, will focus on:

  • Local recycling progams
  • Environmental education
  • Sustainable practices
  • Nature inspired-spirituality
  • Environmental justice

Our leadership team will include substantial youth participation. They will guide Earth Care toward becoming a leader in the community and a model for green churches in our Desert Southwest Conference.

We welcome other churches, community groups and sustainable missions organizations to contact us about working together.

September 2022 Interview with Dr. Larry Olson