Finding God in the Midst of Quarantine

Reconnect with the God of Hope this Easter with PVUMC

Celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with Holy Week devotionals

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we're doing something different this year: offering daily messages and prayers from Palm Sunday (April 5) through Holy Monday (April 13). You'll find these faith-building messages timely and hopeful, and although we may not be physically together for our celebration of the resurrection, we know God is with us, with the power of resurrection life available for all.

Day 3 - Son of Man Lifted Up

Day 3 is led by Brenda Smith as she dives into one of conversations Jesus had days before His crucifixion. He tells a story, as per usual, about a seed and it's ability to bear fruit, and what it must sacrifice to do so. What are your expectations of God? Are you able to hear God? What does it mean to you to be a child of God?

Scripture - John 12:20-36

Day 2 - Pouring Out

Pastor Christopher Wurpts takes on Day 2 of our Holy Week Daily Devotions by looking at the interesting story surrounding perfume at a dinner table. How do you respond to the presence of God? Do you take a more practical approach like Judas, or do you take a more spiritual approach like Mary?

Scripture - John 12:1-8

Day 1 - A Palm Sunday Welcome

Lauren Coffman kicks off our devotional series by helping us to focus on what our experience of God is like in these troubling times. Are we putting God in a box? What sorts of expectations do we have of God, and could God be asking us to be more open during Holy Week? We invite you to watch this video and perhaps spend some time meditating or journaling on these questions.