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Welcome To Our Kids Ministry

Our Kids Ministry takes a story-based approach to introducing 2 year olds through 4th graders to essential concepts of spirituality, allowing children to build relationships with Jesus and God while finding support among personal relationships with each other.

VBC Update

Out of an abundance of caution, we have made the difficult decision to cancel Vacation Bible Camp this year. We are working on plans on how to use the curriculum in the future when gatherings can be done safely, and are also exploring ways to bring virtual Bible Camp to you this summer! Please check back here for updates, join our PVUMC Kids Facebook Page, or email [email protected] to be included on an email list for VBC updates.

To affirm the love of God and Jesus as revealed through the Bible, the church and the community.
Our Mission

How We Do This

In our Kids Ministry, children will learn about God and Jesus through common biblical stories, song and play. As we talk through stories, children will learn the narrative and engage with the characters and story lines. This helps them to understand basic concepts important to a firm faith foundation.

Our Children’s Ministry classes are available during the 9:30 a.m. traditional sermon. The 11 a.m. IGNITE sermon is always kid-friendly.

Your First Visit

Our hope is to create an environment that kids want to return to again and again. We often hear that the children have fun while at PVUMC, and families feel supported in their religious journey. Kids are always welcome as visitors to our classes or daycare areas. On your visit, stop by the Kids Check-in Center in E12 and E13. Our staff will guide you through your first visit to our church and help you navigate the children’s areas and programs. With any questions, you can reach out to us.

Other Things to Know

Our Family Ministry team is happy to meet with you and/or your family to give you a first-hand look at our facility and to answer any questions about our Kid’s Ministry program. Reach out to us to set something up today.

Children’s Ministry classes are available during the 9:30 a.m. traditional sermon. We also offer daycare for children up to age 5 during every service, as well as the option to make reservations for childcare during small groups, such as Bible studies or MOPS. Contact us for reservation information

The Drive Home

A child’s spiritual experience depends on more than the hours he or she spends at church. Parents and other role models in a kid’s life play a vital role in helping each individual to develop and strengthen his or her faith.

As a church, we want to provide solid guidance to parents to make this happen. Here are some suggested talking points and other ways to engage your children on the drive home Sunday morning, or any time.

  • Christian Radio gets everyone onto the same favorite songs & singing God’s praises.
  • The Vacation Bible Camp CD carries the message year round.
  • Pray together as you drive. Pray for ambulances that go by, the firetruck, an accident, for your school as you arrive, or for whatever grabs your attention out your window such as the beauty of nature or a homeless person begging.