Rev. Dr. Dottie Escobedo Frank is a pastor with the United Methodist Church. She has served as South District Superintendent, and pastored a variety of churches. In her ministry Dottie is on the leading edge of church transformation and reStarts. She is a speaker, writer, and community leader.

Dottie has authored several books:
Advent & Christmas
Sermon Seeds, 40 Creative Sermons
Jesus Insurgency, the Church Revolution from the Edge (co-authored by Rudy
ReStart Your Church
Our Common Sins
Give It Up!
The Sacred Secular, How God is Using the World to Shape the Church (co-
authored by Robert Rynders)
As a speaker, Dottieā€™s voice brings courage and hope to pastors and church leaders around the world.

Dottie believes we are living in a time of epochal change, which requires the church find sacred ways to die in order to be reborn. She calls for heretics and edge-dwellers to lead the church forward. Now is the time, she says, to push these new leaders to the forefront of church restarts.