Being an Arizona native, it only makes sense that Lauren’s favorite place is the beach or really anywhere near water. A few of her other favorites are her husband and children, being outdoors, camping, grilled steak and veggies, and being a homebody. But for goodness’ sake, if you want Lauren to stay your friend, please never feed her peas. It cannot be explained, but peas and Lauren do not mix.

Lauren likes to organize but also loves to get messy. She enjoys running, but only when it’s the right temperature, and she gets excited about communities coming together.

For her, God has been present in a variety of ways. As an individual, she has witnessed God’s movement in people. From individuals sharing how God is changing something within themselves to seeing a group come together to serve others. She believes that God can be seen within our energy as individuals and how we cultivate the energy or allow the Holy Spirit, to move in and among us.