Executive Pastor


Perhaps the term ‘pilgrim’ or ‘traveler’ is the best way to describe who I am and my spiritual journey so far.  Born on the island of Key West, I grew up in a military family with my father an officer in the Navy and then my sister becoming an officer in the Army.  I was raised in the United Methodist Church by my mother who has been a faithful Methodist all her life and have been part of five UMC Annual Conferences since my confirmation. Having lived in Arizona, Tokyo, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Florida, Rhode Island, and Maryland, I am grateful to have experienced the regional diversity and cultural richness of America as well as Japan.  My areas of ministry include teaching, preaching, music, interfaith dialogue, administration, social justice advocacy, as well as chaplaincy and pastoral care.  I love spending time with my family (my wife and four sons) as well as desert hikes, biking, swimming, camping, and chess.  I love anything having to do with the band Rush, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, or the Red Sox.  I might even end up a Diamondbacks fan at some point!  I have been playing percussion and drumming for 47 years as a spiritual practice:  a form of prayer using the body and a type of dynamic meditation.  I see Christian discipleship and ministry as walking with Jesus and partnering with God in the Divine mission of reconciling people and healing hurt in the world by addressing the globally pressing problems of the planet and helping human beings be better at being human.  I am excited to be here and see where the Holy Spirit is leading Paradise Valley UMC!


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