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Here at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, we worship together, we grow in our spiritual journey together, and we serve together.  The PVUMC Serves program was created to amplify our service by promoting large group service projects.  PVUMC Serves has three goals:


  1. Demonstrating God’s Love in Action. PVUMC has a simple, but meaningful mission to be God’s love in action. By serving together and sharing with others about our service, we are a living example of our mission and of God’s love.
  1. Increasing the number of people taking part in service projects. PVUMC Serves accomplishes this not only by proactively promoting service opportunities more, but by ensuring that the church offers a variety of large group service projects (including family-friendly ones) and by encouraging members to invite others to participate in the service projects.
  1. Cultivating relationships among our congregants. We realize that when our congregants participate in group service projects, they meet new friends, often developing deep bonds with fellow church members in the process. Our hope is that as members participate in PVUMC Serves events and make new friends, they will feel more engaged with PVUMC and our greater community, as well as feel they have strengthened their relationship with God.

How PVUMC Serves works

PVUMC Serves promotes a minimum of 10 large group service projects a year.  On this web page, we feature the upcoming projects. You can sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” links below or after church services. Look for the PVUMC Serves tables on the patio on the last Sunday of the month after each worship service.

We encourage participants to:

  1. Invite friends and family to participate with them at PVUMC Serves events
  2. Wear their God’s Love in Action t-shirts (from a previous Change the World Day event) or PVUMC polo shirts when volunteering at a PVUMC Serves event
  3. Post photos on social media while serving with the hashtag #PVUMCserves

If you have a service project you’d like to see featured by the PVUMC Serves program, contact us.

Upcoming Projects                 



UMOM’s Walk the Walk to End Homelessness
The Phoenix Zoo
6 – 9 am (Walk starts at 7 am)
Select “Join a Team” and search for “PVUMC Love in Action” when signing up

Adult- (18+) Early Bird Pricing until September 9
Early Bird Discount: $25 for adults until September 9

Student (Ages 3-17): $10
Registration includes a t-shirt, flip-flops, and entrance to the Zoo

Family of 4 Fun Pack: $60
The discounted Family Fun pack includes 4 registrations and each person over the age of 3 receives a t-shirt, flip-flops, and entrance to the Zoo. Children 2 and under are FREE. 

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