Squad 57 / Youth

5th - 12th Grade

PVUMC Youth and Squad 57 Ministry

Our Youth and Squad 57 Ministry supports kids 5th grade through high school as they transition to understanding how to apply faith to daily life. Together, we navigate current topics such as peer pressure, school life, local and global social issues and more.

Weekly Schedule

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Squad 57 (5th-7th Grade)


10:00 AM* *Coronavirus Schedule: Zoom Meetings. Zoom links are in the Squad 57 weekly emails.

Youth (8th-12th Grade)


10:30 AM* *Coronavirus Schedule: Zoom Meetings. Zoom links are in the Youth weekly emails.

To affirm the love of God and Jesus as revealed through the Bible, the church and the community.
Our Mission

How We Do This

We engage our youth in intellectual discussions that relate to real life so each individual can identify and connect to his or her faith. Our Youth Ministry is structured into two age groups:

Middle school encompasses 5th through 7th grade, and 8th grade and up are combined into a high school level learning approach. We also provide confirmation courses starting at the 6th grade level.

We offer various ways for youth to interact outside of Sunday classes and services. Our goal is to cultivate an active youth group where kids and families feel safe, have fun, study the bible and connect with each other while developing a strong faith.

Interested in Learning more?

Our Family Ministry team is happy to meet with you and/or your family to give you a first-hand look at our facility and to answer any questions about our Youth Ministry program.

Meet the Youth Staff

Rachel Smith

Interim Youth Minister

Our annual Fall Kickoff is back! Join us this Sunday, September 13th for the largest movie watch party we've ever had!